LRA Rise & Fall

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November 28, 2013 by acy4000

About the Lord’s Resistance Army’s Rise And Fall


In the 1980s Alice Lakwena founded the Holy Spirit Movement, claiming the Holy Spirit had ordered her to overthrow Uganda’s government, which frequently marginalised the northern Acholi people. Her nephew, Joseph Kony, formed the splinter group Lord’s Resistance Army in 1986. Originally welcomed by the Acholi people, the LRA rapidly lost local support as it swelled its ranks through abducting children. Around 20,000 were kidnapped from northern Uganda as soldiers or sex slaves, and 1.8 million displaced at the conflict’s peak.

The group’s bloody trail stretched to Congo, Central Africa Republic (CAR) and South Sudan, where it acted as a proxy army for the northern Sudan government. Militarily weakened after losing backing from Khartoum, the LRA has roamed CAR and Congo since 2006.

The controversial Kony2012 campaign by Invisible Children renewed attention on Kony as over 100 million internet users clicked in. Kony and three generals are wanted by the international criminal court, though an amnesty has been declared for all child soldiers. In Gulu, the former centre of the insurgency, few are fans of Kony2012. “It scared a lot of people, we thought maybe Kony had come back to Uganda,” said Donald Muwanga, pushing his bicycle through heavy evening traffic in the town centre. “All we want to do is forget him.”

Source: The Guardian


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